Art Direction | Experience Design | Content Development

Hi! I’m Manuel.  Your experience wizard.
Your branding tourguide.
Your content conoisseur.

At Studio Assurdo, I’m the creative tour-de-force that brings fantastical ideas to life through intricate storytelling, reflective humor and bold visuals.
Here’s what I’m capable of:

Concept Development & Production

Every stunning concept starts with a good amount of background-knowledge. Through design research and design thinking, I uncover innate audience insights and wishes. I pack those into smart and captivating ideas and produce them.

Art Direction

My visual language is infused with vibrancy and playfulness. Leveraging a bold color palette and whimsical touches, I craft designs that pop with energy to capture attention and spark joy.

Storytelling & Experience Design

I bring stories and experiences to life by building imaginary worlds. I design engaging spaces, events and sensory experiences that transport audiences, sparking lasting emotional connections.

And here’s the proof:

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Joy Booth with Bas Kosters 
experience Design | Spatial installation
AI-Grilled Cheese Experience
experience Design | art direction
The Design Project
Audio experience | Spatial installation | scriptwriting
Falsch Beer
Branding | concept development
The Bag
experience Design | Scriptwriting  
The Children of O
Creative direction | event production

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